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Honfleur at DawnThe Other Side of the Sunset, in St. MaloWheat and Poppies, Esvres, LoireBoating in Brier, Rainy DayBelle Iles BelleCafe Scene, HonfleurBetween a Rock and  Hard Place, PlougrescentApricot Seller, LochesChien Among the RosesEarly Christian Church Aubeterre-sur-DronneDawn at St. Malo IDawn at St. Malo IFlags at HonfleurFortification, St. MaloLe Croisic HarborLe Dominque Winery, St. EmilionLeaves, ChenonceauLighthouse at Les PoulainsMaiden's Shrine, Pink Granite Coast TrailManet's Aiguilles, Belle Ile

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